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Our goal is to help our clients succeed by bringing our experience to their team. We understand exactly what you need and when you need it which is why we have extremely high customer satisfaction ratings and consistent client retention.

Who We Are

Knowledgeable and Talented

365DBA Team

365DBA is a group of database professionals with vast experience in all areas of SQL including development, administration, optimization, business intelligence, and anything else you can imagine. We each bring individual skills and broad knowledge to the team to form a rich and dynamic group. We are all located within the US, communicate effectively, and, although we focus primarily on SQL, we are well versed in (and hold several certifications in) many disciplines within the IT realm including networking, software and web development, hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting, detailed operating system configuration (Linux, Unix, Windows), and the list goes on and on. One of the key benefits of 365DBA is the broad knowledge that our clients are able to tap into; it's like hiring ten IT professionals for less than the price of one. Another benefit of 365DBA is the size of our team; being small allows us to become familiar with each of our clients and collaborate effectively to reach the common goal. We are very selective in the projects that we take on just as our clients are selective in who they retain for assistance with their projects. We understand that time is an extremely precious asset so we make sure up front that we are a good fit for your needs and can help you with any issues or projects you may have.

Corporate Giving

365DBA prides itself on helping the community and every year not only do we donate over 5 percent of revenue to non-profits, but we also contribute by volunteering time and resources whenever we can. We encourage our staff, partners, and clients to join in the spirit of giving as much as possible.

Join Our Team

Awesome Opportunities

At 365DBA, we are always looking for top talent. If you have experience to offer, we would love to have you on our team. We are almost always looking to hire database administrators, developers, engineers, and architects that are comfortable with all versions and editions of SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (Cassandra, Raven, MongoDB, etc.), Big Data, Data Analysis, Reporting, or any database-related discipline.

Some of the things we offer are:
  • Work/ life balance
    • We know a lot of companies say this, but having experience as production database administrators providing on-call support, we understand the stress it puts on employees and mitigate that every way we can through flexible schedules, multiple layers of backup support, intelligent process automation, and empathy.
  • Remote/ telecommuting opportunities
    • Our core competency and mission is to provide remote support for our clients so we have developed methods to organize and manage all of our remote employees with the same principles that we apply for our customers.
  • Exposure to new technologies and environments
    • One of the characteristics that we have found which defines a good technical support individual is a thirst for knowledge and experiencing new ways of doing things in order to gain that knowledge. By supporting more than one client, our employees are exposed to new environments and challenges daily and ultimately thrive in this type of atmosphere.
  • Reimbursement for approved training
    • Professional development is paramount to anyone in the IT industry in order to keep up with technology which changes daily. We understand this aspect of the business and gladly reimburse our employees for training expenses such as books, certification exams, classroom training, conferences, and more.

We provide our clients with guidance and support from the best and brightest individuals the industry has to offer so if this sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out the very simple (and quick) profile questionnaire and submit your resume on our application page

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