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We offer a free monitoring and alerting utility that you can use to detect issues and prevent disruption.

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Get alerted about issues immediately

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365DBA Monitoring:

Priced right
• It's FREE

Easy to use
• Intuitive web-based interface
• Simple, user friendly navigation
• Fully customizable alerts and notification settings

Comprehensive performance and issue detection
• Missing Backups
• Failed login attempts
• SQL engine errors
• Databases in full recovery without log backups
• Server availability
• Server/ service restarts
• Blocking
• Disk free space
• Most expensive queries by CPU, duration, and reads
• History retention for trend analysis
• New features continuously being worked on and added

• No identifiable information or code is transmitted to our systems
ensuring that all sensitive information remains in your data center and in your control.
• Encrypted credentials so plain text user names or passwords are never accessible.

• Built by DBAs with dozens of years of experience in all types of environments
• 99.99% Uptime

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